The estate

The estate is located on the northern slopes of Etna, within the hilly belt that extends between Solicchiata and Randazzo, historically the area historically recognized as the finest in the appellation for fine red wines. The estate consists of approximately 45 hectares divided into 29 plots and in nine Contradas (crus).

The soils differ very much from cru to cru, and even within the crus themselves. The same is true of the altitudes, our vineyards ranging between 600 and 1000 metres above sea level.
With the exception of about 7 recently planted hectares, the rest are between 50 and 100 years old. Less than one hectare has reached the venerable age of over 140 years, surviving the phylloxera, and is therefore ungrafted.

Phylloxera officially arrived on Etna in 1881 and destroyed a large number of vines: the volcanic soil, however, thanks to the large presence of silicon, has favored the conservation of many vines but very few vineyards which, in order to be defined prephylloxeric, must be necessarily older than 140 years (as of 2021). We are fortunate to have less than one hectare, located in the Contrada di Calderara Sottana, with such a venerable age, which has come down to us through three centuries of history. A vineyard capable of expressing a unique wine that somehow conveys the quintessence of Nerello and its location. Its second name – La Vigna di Don Peppino – is a tribute to the farmer who made it possible, cultivating it with infinite affection and competence for almost 70 years: it’s only thanks to him that the vineyard reached us healthy and vigorous in all its splendor.


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