Moganazzi Etna Rosso DOC

“Moganazzi and Guardiola, with Santo Spirito closely following, have always been considered the best terroirs of the Municipality of Castiglione, the largest of the northern slopes of Etna. Consequently, in 2007, when I discovered a very small plot of Moganazzi for sale, I grabbed it without hesitation. But it was so tiny that I decided to dedicate its splendid wine – three barriques! – to a charity project linked to the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence.
The labels, I decided, would be designed by my daughter, (which she made since the first two years of age!)
Three years ago we managed to buy an adjacent parcel and rent another piece immediately next to it. So, with the 2017 harvest I began to bottle the Moganazzi cru also for Terre Nere”. Marco de Grazia
Aesthetically splendid, the vineyard stands at 700 meters on steep terraces covered with sapling vines of about eighty years. The entire production is around 3,000 bottles. The wine is “sparkling”: of dense texture and luminous character, with a captivating attack and the discreet beauty of a Greek sculpture. Over time, his refined drive makes room for a soft resilience, combined with a nervous and intimate richness sustained by a twilight.

Data sheet:

Appellation: Etna Rosso D.O.C.
Production area: Moganazzi, Municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia.
Grapes: 100% Nerello mascalese
Vineyard extension: 1,5 hectares.
Production: 5 tons per hectare.
Soil: volcanic, medium depth, topsoil rich of ashes and then layers of stones
Exposure: north side of Etna at 700-750 meters above sea level
Age of the vineyards: from 70 to 90 years
Annual production: 3,000 bottles.

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