• wine vigne niche etna bianco
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco

Cuvèe delle vigne niche Etna Bianco D.O.C.

terrenere cuvee delle vigne niche etna bianco doc 2011

As opposed to my other Etna Bianco, which is a field blend of five varieties, Vigne Niche is 100% Carricante. I made this wine for the first time in 2007, after having had the fortune of tasting a 42 year old Carricante from the East side of the Etna. So beautiful it was, so vigorous and impeccable in its venerable age, that I was moved to produce something like it myself. I tried to imagine how a talented winemaker would have made such a wine half a century ago, with little or no technology. And sought to do the same. Vigne Niche is the result. Carricante grapes from old vines and many different tiny parcels (vigne niche), for Carricante is a rare commodity in a D.O.C. overwhelmingly devoted to reds, rarer still on Etna’s Northern slopes. In fact, Carricante vineyards answer for only 4% of the appellation. Vigne Niche is barrel fermented and aged in large oak barrels. It is bottled roughly 12 months after harvest, then released after six more months of bottle age. A shy, late blooming wine of unusual complexity and great longevity, it will reward you for your patience with a rare, noble beauty. Have it with leek, pumpkin or onion soup, lobster bisque, risotto, oven baked fish, poultry, braised rabbit.


Name: Etna Bianco D.O.C.
Area of production: Township of Randazzo and Castiglione di Sicilia.
Varietals: Carricante
Vineyard extension: 3,5 hectars.
Production per hectar: 5-6 tons per hectar.
Soil: Black volcanic pumice, sand, ash.
Exposure: Northern.
Age of vines: 20-50 years old.
Annual production: 6.000 bottles.
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