• wine vigne niche etna bianco montalto
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco montalto
  • wine vigne niche etna bianco montalto

Cuvèe delle vigne niche Etna Bianco D.O.C. Montalto

terrenere cuvee delle vigne niche etna bianco doc 2011 Montalto

Standing firmly on the Northern slopes of Etna, for many years now I have explored most other areas as well – sourcing grapes, making wine for colleagues, measuring altitudes and studying geological particularities, defining historical boundaries. I’ve carefully and lovingly surveyed not only my Northern terroirs but the Eastern and Southern viticulture as well, assessing their qualities and limitations. Way up high on the Southers altitudes of the volcano I believe I have found an area where Carricante thrives remarkably well. Having vinified grapes there for six years experimentally, and believing in the gentile charm of the wines that ensued, I was very fortunate to have been offered the vineyard from which my favourite grapes came from. The location is known as Montalto or “high mountain”. Here in the finest of exposures and always refreshed by healthy breezes at 950 metres altitude lies my very old little vineyard, where the coolness of the altitude’s climate compensates for the full South exposure. The first vintage will be 2019, a pearl, the best vintage of Etna Bianco since 2001, will be bottled in late June after roughly nine months in wood.


Name: Etna Bianco D.O.C.
Area of production: contrada Montalto, township of Biancavilla (Catania)
Varietals: 100% Carricante
Vineyard extension: 2 hectars.
Production per hectar: 6 tons per hectar.
Soil: deep, soft volcanic soil, rich in volcanic ash and pebbles.
Exposure: southern slope of Mount Etna, from 900 up to 950 meters a.s.l.
Age of vines: 60-90 years old.
Type of cultivation: en goblet and modified en goblet.
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