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All properties of Tenuta delle Terre Nere have been cultivated organically from the very beginning in 2002. And the vineyards first acquired had been managed organically for two generations of the previous owners. In 2009 we built a solar panel unit designed to deliver renewable energy sufficient for 80% of our needs. The unit was complemented in 2010 by a furnace fueled with the cuttings from the yearly pruning on 1600 olive trees and maintenance pruning of other hundreds of trees on the properties. In 2010 we were certified organic, a request made mostly in order to satisfy many of our customer’s demands. Vineyard sprays: copper sulphate, sulphur. Fertilization: all organic, mostly manure or manure based. Practice of “green manure”, growing leguminous plants (beans, lentils, chich peas, etc.) rich in nitrogen between alternate rows, turning them over and folding them into the soil.